About Us

Still Waters Family Office was founded by the partners of Blackburn, Childers and Steagall CPAs, BCS Wealth Management and First Covenant Trust & Advisors. Our purpose in creating Still Waters Family Office is to make life easier, simpler and more efficient for each family’s decision makers. Instead of the decision makers having to go from professional to professional (accountant, attorney, investment adviser, etc.) to try and coordinate, synergize and bring a collective effort towards all the family’s goals, which takes a lot of time, repetition and effort, we bring dedicated professionals to you. Our dedicated professionals will become your primary contact points; they are well-versed in a wide range of proficiencies and experienced in working with families like yours. These contact points will coordinate all action items with the various other professionals working behind the scenes for your family, maintaining good lines of communication to keep everyone working together and on the same page so that you don’t have to.

Jeff Blackburn, CPA, PFS

Nick Clay, CFP®, CPWA®, AIF®, AAMS®

David Greene, JD/CPA

Tommy Greer, CPA