Still Waters Family Office services support high net worth families by assisting them with the complexity and challenges—both financial and non-financial—that are attendant with family wealth. Still Waters coordinates family wealth management, tax efficiency, estate planning, fiduciary services, risk management, philanthropy, expense planning, bill paying, accounting, recordkeeping and other day-to-day administration of a family’s affairs. Still waters assists family governance by providing structure, process and context for family constitutions & mission statements, communication of non-financial values and priorities, recording and disseminating family history, and providing age-appropriate multi-generational family-member financial education. 

Our CPAs at Still Waters have experience with all types of tax preparation, planning and compliance. We work with you to reduce income and inheritance taxes, as well as pursue other goals you may have. 

Planning for continuity, inheritance tax, and asset protection using trusts is very important with generational wealth. We will help protect future beneficiaries in a way that aligns with your vision.

Worry less – our experienced professionals will manage to both protect and grow your assets. We do this in a measured way with risk commensurate with your comfort level, targeting returns in line with your goals.

With oversight from our CPAs, the accountants at Still Waters can do as much or as little for your businesses as you like. This includes bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, payroll services and more.

Spend your time on the things you enjoy. Let Still Waters take care of the administrative details, providing timely support that you can count on.

We can help you evaluate, plan and distribute to the causes you are most passionate about, using effective tax planning and charitable giving strategies.