Estate and Trust Planning & Administration

Estate planning can seem daunting and intimidating for anyone. This is especially true for families with wealth. All of the same non-financial concerns exist, plus there are more moving parts to organize, solutions are more complex and there is more at stake. Experienced planners at Still Waters Family Office can help make this process manageable. We can help you clarify your goals and design a plan to achieve those goals, incorporating technical considerations like tax efficiency, asset protection and privacy, and non-technical considerations, such as preservation of family harmony, history, legacy and values.

If trusts are established as a part of planning, Still Waters Family Office provides professional fiduciary services to administer the family’s trusts. Your trustee will ensure that the terms of the trusts are respected and that the trusts are administered properly.

Estate and Trust Planning & Administration Services

  • Legal Document Review Services
  • Estate Planning Document Preparation*
  • Facilitation of Document Availability
  • Trust and Entity Structure Planning
  • Charitable Trust Planning
  • Asset Protection Planning
  • Offshore Trust & Transnational Trust Planning*
  • Special Needs Planning
  • Dynasty Trust Planning
  • Life Insurance Trust Planning and Funding
  • Coordinating with Estate, Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Planning
  • Beneficiary Designation Review and Consulting
  • Trust Administration
  • Bill Payment
  • Directed Trustee Services
  • Investment and Beneficiary Education
  • Back-office Support for Individual Trustees
  • Power of Attorney Services
  • Structuring, Tracking and Facilitating Family Cash Flow Needs
  • Planning, Structuring and Administering Inter-Family Loans
  • Consulting on Selection of Individual Trustees, Trust Protectors and Trust Directors
  • Education of Individual Trustees, Trust Protectors and Trust Directors
  • Robust, Comprehensive Reporting
  • Vendor Management and Due Diligence
  • Alternative Asset Administration 

*Vendor/Partner services. Additional fees may apply