Philanthropic endeavors are a powerful way for families to make an impact in areas in which they are passionate. Implementing a charitable plan supports charities’ long-term mission and future, while also providing a platform around which a family can discuss its own goals, legacy and values. Still Waters Family Office can assist with developing a philanthropic plan that identifies that causes and values important to your family, is tax-sensitive, and that makes the most impact for the causes that are important to your family in the context of the family’s overall goals and plan. 

Philanthropy Services

  • Coordinating Family Goals and Philanthropic Vision
  • Assistance with Grantmaking and Evaluation of Non-Profit Organizations
  • Family Foundations-Planning, structure, formation*, administration and compliance
  • Charitable Trust Planning and Administration
  • Donor Advised Fund Planning and Coordination
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution Consulting
  • Consulting regarding Tax-Sensitive Charitable Giving

*Vendor/Partner services. Additional fees may apply